Wine and DTC marketing with Josh Thompson of The Wine Diaries

osh Lachkovic is the founder & CEO of Wine List. Prior to launching Wine List, Josh had a career in marketing & growth, starting his career in content, SEO, and insights at PR agency Hotwire. He then joined Pact Coffee’s growth team to turn his hand to print marketing and partnerships. Following this he went to an education company where he was responsible for breathing startup process into an established business. Before founding The Wine List he spent three years as employee number one at digital health company, Thriva, where he led and built the growth side of the business.

Show highlights

3:55 Josh introduces himself and how he got to where he is today.

7:21 From a passion to a business. How Josh got into the wine business.

9:38 The Wine List business model.

14:34 Josh teaches Ste a bit about wine.

20:52 Acquiring customers for The Wine List.

24:48 How Covid-19 has accelerated the ecommerce industry.

33:44 Is Amazon making it difficult for DTC brands to compete?

38:56 The current state of Facebook ads.

44:21 The one book Josh recommends everyone should read.

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